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Junk Removal


Pricing is based on volume, the amount of space that your junk takes up in our trailer. Our price sheet is below.

Our container holds up to 17 cubic yards. 

For example, an 1/8 load = a refrigerator, dining chair & a coffee table.

(Depending on how bulky.)

As you add more items, pricing goes up accordingly.

Some items have an extra fee to dispose of, click here for the list.

Note: Heavy weight items, such as dirt, rock, concrete, plaster etc. have a different form of pricing, for more information click here.

Min. charge $120 (items smaller than a refrigerator)

Junk removal pricing
junk yardage

How to calculate cubic yardage:

To calculate the cubic yardage your junk takes up, you will need to measure, in feet, the width x length x height then divide that number by 27 (27 feet in a cubic yard).

For example: 3' x 4' x 8'= 96/27= 3.55 cubic yards.

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