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Junk Removal Pricing

Pricing is based on volume, the amount of cubic yardage that your junk takes up in our trailer.  Take a look at our price list below.

Our container holds up to 17 cubic yards. 

For example, an 1/8 load = a refrigerator, dining chair & a coffee table.

(Depending on how bulky.)

As you add more items, pricing goes up accordingly.

Some items have an extra fee to dispose of, click here for the list.

Note: Heavy weight items, such as dirt, rock, concrete, plaster etc. require a different pricing structure, for more information click here.

Min. charge $120 (items smaller than a refrigerator)

Junk removal pricing
junk yardage

How to calculate cubic yardage:

To calculate the cubic yardage your junk takes up, you will need to measure, in feet, the width x length x height then divide that number by 27 (27 feet in a cubic yard).

For example: 3' x 4' x 8'= 96/27= 3.55 cubic yards.

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